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Guide to Pest Prevention

By Matea Shosho

A pest invasion is a homeowner's worst nightmare. Insects and vermin are not only a health risk to you and your family but can cause costly damage to your house. Here is a guide to help prevent an invasion:

  • Protect your house from moisture and stagnating water, not only does it attract insects but it can also cause wood to decay.
  • Keep the foliage around your house pruned and trimmed. Even if you live higher up, insects like ants can climb up tree branches. Also don't store wood inside your house since it's a bug magnet.
  • Repair immediately any leaky faucets or any slow moving water pipes. Cockroaches thrive in dark dump places and gutters are known to attract ants.
  • Check the outside walls of your house. Look for openings near plumbing, gas and the AC lines. Look also for gaps near the foundation. Different damages to the foundation can allow for holes.
  • Make sure that all the screens are intact, and that the weather-stripping is not damaged in any way. For windows that do not have any screens, add them.
  • Keep you house clean, avoid clutter, and limit the areas you can eat. All these attract insects.
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