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Roofs and the Elements: An Interview with Bryan Gonzales of Roland's Roofing Co. Inc.

By Bryan Gonzales

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

Born Businessman Roland H. Gonzales Sr., founded the Company in 1970, soon after he returned home from the military. With his strong work ethic and his loving wife managing the office, demand for roofs began to build. Roland soon called on his son to help meet the demand. After graduating from St. Mary's University, Roland H. Gonzales Jr. (Roland Jr.) joined the family business in 1978. Since the business was built with strong family values, Roland Jr.'s sister (Cookie Gehring) joined ranks to form the strong team.

Today, the character of the company maintains its ethics, becoming three generations strong. As a matter of fact, even with a significant number of employees, you will still most likely deal directly with an actual "Roland's" family member sometime during your transaction. Our business is family, so we know how important yours is, and we take pride in making sure you have the strongest roof over your head.

What are a few common problems weather can inflict on an unprepared home?

One common misconception is that damage to a home can only come during a storm. The truth is during a drought your home can become even more damaged and susceptible. Keep in mind your roof never gets a break from the elements so weather it's getting beaten around by a storm like a washing machine or over baking shingles in the sun like cookies in the oven, it's good to be proactive and have your roof serviced by a licensed professional. It's common knowledge to maintain a high performance vehicle, especially if it's a costly one. Why not your most valuable asset, your home?

What is the ideal roofing material for heavy rainfall?

Most roofing material are great in Heavy rainfall but some are better than others, like in almost any scenario. Asphalt are the go to, the work horse if you will. But they are more short lived than people think. However, metal or other higher end roofing material that last longer are usually harder for some to see the long term investment because of sticker shock. We can usually help come up with the most Efficient system for your home. Which is the difference of a roofing "company" trying to make a sale and a established roofing company that prefers educating their customers.

What are the steps a homeowner should take if they do have roofing damage?

If it's blatant damage, call your insurance company. That's what they are there for and then call Roland's to work with your insurance. If you are not sure of damage and you do not want to get your insurance involved yet, call Roland's first. Either way we can guide you through repair steps.

What do I do if some "funny guy" covers my roof in eggs?

Find out where they live and invest in more eggs. Just kidding, if you happen to use a pressure washer just make sure it's very low for your roofing. You don't want to act like a tsunami and mess up your shingles.

What is the best way for people to reach you and or your company?

Look us up online at www.rolandsroofing.com, if you are in an area you can't speak on the phone we have a free estimate form to fill out. Otherwise contact is at 210.543.ROOF. That's 210.543.7663.

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