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Over 30 Years Experience in Designing and Building Beautiful Homes: An Interview with Texas Classic Custom Homes & Remodeling

By Kristen Bosse

Please describe a little bit about your company and the services you offer?

Texas Classic Custom Homes and Remodeling has been building and remodeling homes for over 31 years. Through those years, we have developed an approach to construction projects that keeps our clients informed and in control. We start by listening to their needs. This is by far the most important part of the process. Many times, after the initial visit, we design a plan specific to their needs. We then refine the drawings to reflect how the project will be built. Next, we configure a budget that we share with the client so they can massage it to their price point. Finally, we present documents that include final annotated plans, specifications specific to the project including any allowances they approved, and a contract outlining all aspects of the job including a cost breakdown for them or their financial institution. Most times, if it is a remodeling project, we start construction. If it is new construction such as a home, we assist them with obtaining the best financing for their project. Our goal is to keep the client as informed as possible so there are very few surprises.

What is your position at Texas Classic Custom Homes and Remodeling?

I am officially a vice-president. My duties are to oversee construction, do the design work, build budgets, marketing and quality control.

Your website says "building your home is a personal thing". How do you assist your customers using that philosophy?

Nobody wants to think that their project is "standard". They want to feel it is a one-of-a-kind project catering to their desires and needs. Over 12 years ago, we began using computer-aided design in building our floor plans and elevations. This gave our customers the ability to "see" a virtual presentation of their home or remodeling project. By doing so, we were able to show our clients exactly how their kitchen, bath or exterior would look. Today, with the advances in the software, we can make walls, floors, cabinets, appliances, and everything else the color and style they are considering so they can see how all the various project interact to the eye. All this is done before we ever drive a single nail.

Additionally, Linda Griensenbeck, the president, an award-winning interior designer, has been assisting clients by showing them products they can hold in their hands. She shows them how the colors compliment each other as well as guide them to unique and innovative new projects. Everyone wants their project to be special. Linda makes it happen.

In your opinion, how important is an aesthetically pleasing landscape for my home?

I feel that landscaping is the icing to the cake. We know a lot of builders that can build a house, but to turn it into a home takes a special person.make it look like a home is essential. We drove around in mature neighborhoods to see what makes homes special. It is evident that mature-looking landscaping makes an incredible difference. However, when you are getting in a home, many time, people tell us they will do the landscaping later. Except in extreme cases, we always provide a landscaping allowance for every home. Most times when the client sees it is included and the price works within their budget, they leave it in rather than saving a few dollars. It makes such an incredible difference.

What is our opinion on the argument that remodels or custom homes are only available to affluent families?

I don't care what economic level you come from. The people I want to work with know the value of a dollar and probably worked hard to earn it. I respect that because that is what I do as well. So we concentrate on value more than lowest price. However, in any given project, I usually see my clients focus on a couple items they really want. That usually means they are not looking for cheapest price to get what they want. Then they get more efficient on all the other stuff to accommodate their desires. That is smart. We work to pick up on what it is they focus on and make sure that is on the mark. I guess that is why we call it "custom". It doesn't mean expensive, It means unique. The price usually works out. So whether you are on a tight budget by design, we respond with a team approach to value.

What sets your business apart from other comparable companies? What do you do better or different that the competition?

Three basic things set us apart from others. First, we build relationships with our clients. You will never be a number or a job to us. We get to know you. Finding a contractor is a lot like getting married. You must respect each other. You should be compatible so you can communicate properly. It may seem easy at first, but when things get going and the stress levels could go up, being able to confide in a contractor you know will tell you what you need to know so you can make an informed decision is vital to the success of a project.

Second, I have always said "if you do your homework, the test is easy". We put a lot of time into listening to our customers. Sometimes it takes longer but the end result is worth it. However, we do not try to rush to a final verdict. Our philosophy is to determine the needs of our client and cater to those needs. For some, it has been extreme detail. However, when someone comes to you that trusts your recommendations, you move forward. We have worked for a wide spectrum of clients that have very different definitions of their perfect contractor. So for us, the bottom line is to be detail oriented.

Third, we have great subcontractors who share our philosophy. Nothing makes me happier than to have my subs talking with a client and seeing it go smoothly. When my clients see that we put a lot of stock in our people, they get the feeling it is a team-oriented situation. Many of our subcontractors have been with us for many years. Some of the relationships are second generation. I know these people very well and we work great together. That makes for a winning combination for our clients.

What is the best way for people to get in contact with you?

Office Phone: 512 303-1942 or call Donald at 512-750-7625
Email: classicdrb@gmail.com

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