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Serving the North Texas Community Since 1947: An Interview with Complete Security Service

By Kristen Bosse

Please describe a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

We offer all types of locksmith services, from a simple rekey, to masterkeying, lock repair and replacement, high security locks and safe sales, repair and installation.

What is your position at Complete Security Service?

Operations Manager.

Do you recommend customers re-key periodically to ensure the safety of their home?

I think everyone should rekey their home periodically, since most people do not keep track of every key they hand out to family members, babysitters, house guests, service providers, etc.

What qualities do you possess that led you to be voted Best Dallas Locksmith?

With over sixty years of experience helping Dallas area homeowners, I think our dedication to quality service and meeting the individual needs of our customers in a timely manner is what separates us from the average locksmith company.

What should homeowners be looking for in a qualified locksmith company?

There is nothing more important than having a locksmith you can trust to ensure your home and family are protected. Dedication to quality service, length of time in business and a company's reputation speak volumes.

Please describe the process of "lock bumping" and provide some ways to prevent this from happening to me!

Lock bumping has been used for decades by locksmiths as another tool to help individuals rightly access their homes and personal belongings. The process uses a specially prepared key to manipulate the internal workings of the lock in a manner that simulates the use of the correct key. Regrettably, lock bumping has become public knowledge via the internet and has created a means for the common criminal to enter a home without forcing their way in. The best way to prevent your locks being "Bumped" is through the installation of high security lock cylinders. These locks differ greatly from the standard locks on 90% of homes and the types sold at the big box stores. They use a variety of additional security measures inside the locks as well as angled cuts in the side wall, or dimples on the keys. Most importantly, they use restricted key blanks that are only available through the locksmith that installed the locking system, and their driver's license is required to have duplicates made.

Have you noticed a significant increase in clients seeking keyless locks as technology continues to advance?

Not really. Currently the majority of the systems on the market are tied into a much larger system that require expensive hardware, constant WiFi connectivity and a monthly service fee. I think as more reliable stand-alone keyless locks come on the market, the interest will increase.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you?

Either by phone at 214-351-3942, email at sales@beeskeys.com or in person at our shop which is located at 7711 Inwood Rd. Dallas, 75209.

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